Robert Thurman Lecture


Amongst so many Buddhist lectures now available, this is one of the best.

The Gifts of the Tibetans: Sparking New Directions in the Arts and Sciences

Professor Thurman (father of Uma Thurman of Pulp Fiction fame and Killbill) was the first American citizen to take robes as a Tibetan monk.  He had previously been married to an oil magnate’s daughter.  After disrobing, he married a Swedish model and became a distinguished scholar and political activist.  What a life!  Here he is on good form, possibly high on cold medicine.  A lecture on Tibetan culture and history turns into a long tirade on many lynchpins of modern culture – competitiveness, war, atheism and materialism amongst others.  An almost stereotypical professor (complete with a high voice and one glass eye), he is here impassioned and befuddled at the same time.  He has a podcast as well, but I personally haven’t been drawn in by it.  His TED talk, about the divine eye of Buddhas delivered on a psychedelic Persian rug, is charming.


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